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Hey, i'm Nic1le!

|   and that's Sweetpea!   |

I am an Equine Photographer based in South-Central Alberta with my primary clientele in the Calgary and Lethbridge Areas!

I'm a strong believer of fate, passion, and that nothing happens without hard work and believing that your dreams are goals to accomplish when you awake. 
I love muzzle kisses, soft knickers when I'm spotted by my horses and full tilt gallops to the gate to greet me. I love to watch horses move, speak, bond and inquire. I have experienced so much of this unique energy myself to know and understand these animals inside and out. I am so excited to share it through special moments we'll capture in the moment, but be able to have and hold for eternity.

As a teenager I primarily rode western with a strong passion for reining and working cow horse. It wasn't until I bought Sweetpea that I fell in love with all things hunter jumper. Upon graduating in 2006, I moved to Calgary to join and ride with Team Spruce Meadows, and from there I received an opporunity to work and ride for a hunter jumper facility in Ontario. From one equestrian to another - I understand the bond, dedicated hours, hard work, drive, motivation and sacrifices we give up to indulge in this crazy yet so worthy world! I would love to be able to capture that for you whether for print, to tell your story, or to remember that Once In A Lifetime Fairy-tale horse that we all are so blessed to have.

I truly believe my knowledge, passion and understanding of horses and their world allows me to physically document and provide proof of that unforgettable relationship that we all call Equestrian.