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Horse & Rider sessions are my favourite to shoot as I get to personally witness the undeniable love you have for your horse. This is the Story Teller session! The session where you and your horse not only gain a new cheerleader for every milestone accomplished, but the one where I get to watch your story unfold in front of me - the bond, the connection, the language, the nickers, the hugs and of course the kisses, and the one where you get to keep, cherish and physically hold onto those memories forever. The most beautiful and flattering natural light occurs first thing in the morning and at the end of the day. For this reason, that is when I will shoot your Horse & Rider session. Location choices can be overwhelming, however if you need suggestions or have questions on what will be best - i'm happy to help with that, or check in your Welcome Guide! These sessions are the perfect mix of posing and candids to capture every detail of the life and relationship you share with your horse!



Equine Portraiture sessions focus on preserving the beauty, elegance, and personality of every horse that comes in front of my lens. Each session includes multiple poses in all angles - from head shots to full body shots and all the beautiful details in between. Every image is edited by hand in post processing to emphasize the beauty of each individual horse. Equine Portraiture sessions are the preferred choice for creating elegant wall art for your home, office or equestrian facility - exceptionally stunning in a tack room! They turn heads quickly and are the perfect way to showcase and honor the very thing we love most!


- access to a barn isle or arena is required -

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